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HUM-Fagkomiteen for humaniora

Distribution and meaning of nominal forms in Norwegian; a cross-linguistic perspective

Awarded: NOK 3.1 mill.

This main goal of this project is to gain new scientific insights regarding the use and interpretation of different Norwegian nominal forms. For instance, when is it appropriate to use the nominal form 'prosjektet' rather than 'et prosjekt', 'dette prosje ktet', 'det prosjektet' or simply 'dette' or 'det', and what factors influence the interpretation of such nominal forms in different contexts? The results of the project will deepen our understanding of the Norwegian language as well as contribute to a ge neral theory of how people (across languages) manage to interpret referring expressions as intended in different contexts. We will approach the problem by studying how different nominal forms are used in discourses, and by conducting experiments where inf ormants are asked to either produce, interpret, or judge the acceptability of different nominal forms. In addition to theoretical renewal, the project will result in resources useful for practical applications in language technology areas, such as machine translation, information extraction, and dialogue systems, as well as in language teaching.

Funding scheme:

HUM-Fagkomiteen for humaniora