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NEVRONOR-Nasjonal satsing på nevrovitenskap f

Application to host the Norwegian national node of International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF-N)

Awarded: NOK 3.7 mill.

Neuroinformatics is a new research area aimed at the development of neuroscience data- and knowledge bases, computational models, and analytical tools for the sharing, integration and analysis of experimental data. The International Neuroinformatics Coord inating Facility (INCF), where Norway is a founding member, has been established to support the development of, and international collaboration in, the field. A Norwegian national node of INCF will be established to promote and support the national develo pment of this rapidly developing and important field. The present proposal suggests the national node to be hosted by the Center for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience at Department of Basic Medical Sciences at University of Oslo and operated in close col laboration with the computational neuroscience group at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The node will be operated on a daily basis by a node leader and an operating officer, while advice on strategic, long-term plans will on a regular basis be sought from a national advisory board consisting of leading neuroscientists. When operational, the node will initially organize a survey of Norwegian neuroinformatics as well a national meeting for neuroscientists to inform about INCF and gather advice on mode of action. Further, a national INCF website will be established to serve as a main neuroinformatics gateway. Numerous short courses on neuroinformatics tools and their application will be organized, and several national meetings will be arranged to explore possible synergies between research groups, identify particular neuroinformatics needs, and discuss a future establishment of study programmes in neuroinformatics. Focused neuroinformatics projects resulting from these meetings will be supported f inancially. To increase public awareness of the field and its opportunities, a popular science website on brain and neuroinformatics will also be established.

Funding scheme:

NEVRONOR-Nasjonal satsing på nevrovitenskap f