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BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena

Broadband Audio Beam

Awarded: NOK 3.3 mill.

Broadband Audio Beam project is a cooperation between SquareHead Systems AS, industrial partner OB-Team and University of Oslo, Department of Informatics represented by Professor Sverre Holm. The focus of his research is in the intersection between physi cs, signal processing and ultrasound/acoustics. A general goal for the project to strengthen the research orientation in the partner companies, and provide PhD student education in close cooperation between leading universities and industrial partners. Project will result in new signal processing algorithms and techniques for beamforming of directional audio recordings that work in extremely noisy environments, i.e. soccer field. We believe that application of the project's research results in novel c ommercial products may aid future work in the area.


BIA-Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena