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China- Micro energy technology for Microsystems as joint doctor student projects

Awarded: NOK 0.15 mill.

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2007 - 2007

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Starting from 2005, IMST at HVE has built bilateral cooperation with MEMS center at Xiamen Unievrsity. In Sept 26 2006, two University have signed a University cooperation agreement (See attached HVE-XMU.pdf). As the first project, we are planning a jo int Ph.D. education program. Three Ph.D. Candidates will be recruited for starting activity on microenengy technology that is within the focus of both insititutes. The recruiting process has been started since summer of 2006 and will be finished at the be ginning of 2007. The place of working will be partly in Norway and Partly in China for optimizing the use of the infra-structure in both institutes (See attached IMST-SAH MEMS.pdf). The demands of the energy-thirsty electronic products of today cannot be satisfied by the current battery technology. New, miniaturized energy systems that enable the portability, wireless networking of the electronic products, and that significantly prolong the operating time of portable devices are required. Three project s will be planed within microenergy technology. 1. Develop a nuclear battery for microsystems. In this topic we develop specific production concepts that enable the manufacture of suitable batteries using available Beta irradiation. With tritium, a betav oltaic battery will have 12 years life time. 2. Develop a thin film microbattery. In this topic, we will work on solutions that make a wafer-based production in thin film technology possible. We will study the fabrication of lithium micro-batteries and i ts array using micro-system technology. 3. Devlop energy harvesting MEMS devices. In this topic, MEMS devices for extracting energy from vibrations, thermal gradients, light, and biomechanic energy, will be evaluated and designed for everlasting life ap plication.

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