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Japan - bilateral collaboration on materials characterization of wooden cladding for sustainable building envelopes

Awarded: NOK 0.15 mill.

Wood is an important building material in Japan and Norway. The durability and service life of a wooden cladding building envelope is an important element in sustainable building design. Suitable experimental and modelling methods for quantitative service life prediction in this area are lacking. This proposal describes a collaboration between The Building Materials and Technology Group at NTNU and two Japanese partner institutions: Kinki University in Osaka and the Hokkaido Northern Regional Building Res earch Institute in Asahikawa. The aim of the collaboration is to develop parallel and complementary research projects in the area of materials characterization of wooden cladding for sustainable building envelopes. The collaboration fulfills The Research Council of Norways three requirements for proposed collaborations as follows: · The collaboration is in accordance with NTNUs international strategy and priorities: Materials is one of the five prioritised research areas at NTNU. Furthermore, the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, of which the Dept. of Civil and Transport Engineering is a part, has established Sustainable Infrastructure as a priority research area. Our collaboration therefore conforms very well with the strategy and vision of our Group, our Department, our Faculty and the university itself. · The principal delivery of the project will be a proposal from the Norwegian collaborators to the Research Council of Norway for a research project that involves experimental work and mod el development. We anticipate that our Japanese collaborators will submit a parallel and complementary research proposal to a relevant funding agency in Japan. · The research proposals resulting from the collaboration will include at least two doctoral st udents, one student from NTNU that will spend part of the doctoral training program in Japan and at least one Japanese student that will spend part of the doctoral training period in Trondheim



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