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IPY-Det internasjonale polaråret 2007/2008


Awarded: NOK 1.5 mill.

Polar research is an important tool for understanding global climate change. The Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine (NTM) is in the process of developing an exhibition on climate change. An important part of the exhibition will deal with the Polar Regions both as a global indicator on climate change but also as an area locally important to Norway. Accordingly, NTM seeks funding from the International Polar Year (IPY) to support this initiative. The exhibition will focus on three overarc hing questions: 1. What is climate change and what causes it? 2. How does climate change affect the earth? 3. What are the solutions to climate change? Through the exhibition, NTM wants to increase the knowledge about the climate system, the climate ch ange in the past, present and future and the effects of climate change on nature and society. An extensive part of the exhibition will give the public an understanding of how individuals, communities, governments and industry can reduce the impact of huma n activity. The exhibition will aim at a broad audience by using a high degree of interactivity. The initiative also includes an educational program for secondary school/high school (14+ years of age). An interdisciplinary group consisting of represen tatives from leading Norwegian IPY-research groups, environmental organisations, historians, industry and NTM will develop the exhibition. NTM is one of the most popular and visited museum among children, pupils and families in Norway. It should be an e xcellent arena for an exhibition on climate change. We believe that the exhibition is a unique opportunity in meeting the education, outreach, and communication goals of the IPY by generating considerable interest and enthusiasm in polar research in speci al and science and technology in general.

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IPY-Det internasjonale polaråret 2007/2008

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