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HELSEVEL-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester

Senter for omsorgsforskning i region øst, Høgskolen i Gjøvik

Awarded: NOK 26.2 mill.

The Center for Care Research East has received its mandate from the Ministry of Health to increased knowledge for the municipal health and care services. The centre's core activities reflect the mandate and include research and development work as well as management and dissemination of knowledge. The center contributes to building a bridge between research, services and education by: 1) initiating and carrying out research activities in and together with the services 2) contributing research resources and research guidance to the county-specific Development Centers for nursing homes and home services 3) disseminating such knowledge to the services, users and health and care professional educations. The Center for Care Research works with health service research, with the aim of contributing knowledge for a better health and care service. The overarching theme of our research: development trends in the services, quality and quality work, co-production of services and technology in context. The projects are based on different theoretical and methodological traditions and use both quantitative and qualitative methods. Results from some of the projects: ? The services in the municipalities have moved from being a generalist service to increasingly being specialized, where services are directed as special patient groups and special needs. ? Interaction between various actors in the municipal health and care services depends on a good flow of information. There is also a mutual effect where a good flow of information also provides good interaction. Tasks and information related to medicines and medical tasks are given priority over tasks of a more psychosocial nature. ? Nursing home staff are important actors in promoting the quality of life of residents. Different practices help to facilitate fun, social community and participation. ? Voluntary efforts in the care of providing care for people with care needs are provided by a relatively small proportion of the population, even when asked about simple tasks such as keeping an eye on or keeping company. Women are responsible for the most comprehensive care effort and provide personal care to people with care needs to a greater extent than men. ? What creates value in the services depends on time and context. What may be valuable in a setting at any given time may in any other setting or time seem destructive ? Managers who have an understanding of cultural diversity in the workplace and facilitate arenas for communication and information are important for quality in the services in a multicultural context. ? Successful implementation of technology requires consideration of the complex arrangements of technical, organizational and human resources of which it is a part.


HELSEVEL-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester