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GASSMAKS-Økt verdiskaping fra naturgass

Recovery of CO2 from high pressure gas with membranes

Awarded: NOK 5.4 mill.

In the current project the aim is to develop further a CO2-selective membrane to be applied for removal of CO2 from high pressure natural gas. The membrane is based on the polymer polyvinlylamine (PVAm) where the fixed amine group (NH2) in the material w ill function as a carrier for CO2 when the membrane is wetted - the gas will then be selectively tranported through the membrane as HCO3-, and flux and selectivety in favour of CO2 is enhanced. This has been thoroughly documented for CO2-N2 mixtures wher e extremely high selectiveties and CO2-flux have been obtained (selectivity=450, CO2-flux=0.55 m3(STP)/( Indications are however that for the system CO2-CH4 (natural gas) the flux and selectivity will be less, but still much higher than availab le commercial membranes today. Unlike most gas separating membranes, the current FSC-PVAm membrane "likes" water - transport is enhanced by humidity. To avoid compaction of the membrane and still allow for a controlled swelling, the PVAm membrane is ble nded with a mechanically strong polymer - polyvinylalcohol (PVA). It has been documented that this membrane shows high and stable perfomance up to at least 20 bar - it has not been possible to test any higher due to lack of equipment. The documented resul ts so far is on the cutting edge of what has been published so far. The Japanese R&D institute RITE has also published some remarkable results in the same field, and this group will be a partner in the proposed project. The main focus of the proposed proj ect will be to document maintained high performance over time; targeted values are as recommended by one of the main researchers in the field, Dr. R. Baker (MTR, California) for commercial membranes at high pressures: Maintained selectivity for CO2/CH4 > 30 and CO-flux > 0.3 m3(STP)/(m2 bar h). A high pressure small test rig will be build. Another challenge is to document durability of the membrane over time when exposed to H2S, higher hydrocarbons and such

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GASSMAKS-Økt verdiskaping fra naturgass