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SAMRISK-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiki

The Social Determination of Risk: Critical Infrastructure and Mass Transportation Protection in the Norwegian Civil Aviation Sector

Awarded: NOK 6.4 mill.

Risk is implicitly related to human values. It reflects a certain understanding of human life, of individual and collective hopes and fears, of expectations about what might be lost and what is worth keeping, about what one is willing to sacrifice, and in deed about what one is willing to fight or even die for. Thus, risk is a concept with social, cultural, even ethical dimensions. The proposed project therefore aims to support and strengthen the field of risk research by clarifying approaches to research in which social dimensions can be integrated into the security research agenda and in particular how they can be used as a tool for addressing security issues in the aviation industry. The project has three primary segments: 1. a theoretical development o f a socially-based theory for risk analysis, (2) an adaptation to the social and cultural setting particular to Norway, and (3) a case study applying the theory, in collaboration with AVINOR to the Norwegian aviation industry.

Funding scheme:

SAMRISK-Samfunnssikkerhet og risiki