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MILJØ2015-Norsk miljøforskning mot 2015

VANN: Upscaling biological data, processes and models in relation to hydrological processes and models to catchment scale

Awarded: NOK 2.5 mill.

In order to obtain sustainable use, development and management of water resources, it is crucial to understand how ecological and hydrological processes at small spatial scales relate to the whole catchment. The major challenge in this project is to integ rate the knowledge of the physical environment with the ecological response and to identify bottlenecks and problem areas on a catchment scale. This includes the direct ecological mechanisms controlling populations and their temporal and spatial distribut ion. The project will use existing ecological data and recently developed distributed hydrological models to analyse these links at different spatial and temporal scales. There is a lack of extensive ecological data in time and space, but the project will investigate available data .Juvenile fish density data and smolt migration data from several Norwegian rivers will be used in a standardised way The project will collect new field data in Surna river in collaboration with other projects in order to inve stigate and gain a better understanding of functional relationships between hydrological and ecological processes and data at different scales. The project will also use PIT-technology to tag juvenile fish in a natural river, probably the river Sokna. F ish may then be tracked and positioned before, during and after hydrological events in order to investigate population dynamics (emigration, immigration and mortality), behaviour and habitat use that occur during different seasons. The objective is to ups cale the biological response to the catchment scale by using different mesohabitats in the experiments. Dissemination from the project includes scientific articles, presentations at national and international conferences and a public web-page. A referenc e group with end-users from nature management, hydropower industry and stakeholders will be established within the project. Several workshops and seminars will also be organised within the project.

Funding scheme:

MILJØ2015-Norsk miljøforskning mot 2015