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KULTUREN-Program for kulturforskning

Internasjonal konferanse: Culture and Power

Awarded: NOK 0.20 mill.

Power in the twenty-first century flows through cultural channels, as it always has. Culture - symbols, rhetorics, ideas, performances - can legitimate the status quo, inspire revolutionary change, persuade people that power relationships are just or unj ust, celebrate or question collective identities, unite people, divide people, free people, manipulate people, dull or sharpen the capacity for social criticism. While none of this is new, what is new is (1) the ICT (information and communications techno logy) acceleration of how fast cultural messages reach different publics, (2) the similarly ICT-enhanced capacity of people to respond, (3) within the social sciences and among the general public, an impassioned debate over the degree to which "culture ma tters." This being the case, the time is right for a conference that brings out the best of current thinking on the culture/power relationship.


KULTUREN-Program for kulturforskning