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HAVBRUKS-Havbruk - en næring i vekst

Securing fish-farming technology and operations to reduce escapes (SECURE)

Awarded: NOK 13.5 mill.

Solving problems related to escapes is dependent on a combination of research into several technological disciplines and biological knowledge related to the behaviour of fish in net pens. SECURE will address these challenges by bringing together expertise in structural engineering, hydrodynamics, material technology, operation and behavioural aspects of fish in net pen environments. The platform will be divided into nine research and one administrative work packages, covering different topics related to preventing escape. These work packages are WP 1 Existing knowledge, WP 2 Cumulative damage, WP 3 Extreme weather exposure, WP 4 Coinciding Events, WP 5 Operational hazards, WP 6 Escape critical operations, WP 7 Net Materials, WP 8 Escape-related fish behaviour, WP 9 Production management strategies and WP 10 Administration and dissemination. The research outcomes will provide a knowledge basis for better construction and operation of aquaculture structures to reduce escapes due to equipment fa ilure and operational errors and integrate biological knowledge of the behaviour of fish in net pens into technological solutions and cage management strategies. The results will be directly relevant to both aquaculture technology suppliers and the fish farming industry. The Norwegian Standards organisation may also be able to improve their technical standards based on the results from the platform. Given the recent history of escape events in Norway and concern regarding the environmental effects of e scapees, the justification for a research platform dedicated to generating fundamental scientific knowledge to help reduce escapes is clear to fish farming companies, net pen technology providers, the regulatory authorities and environmental organisations .

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HAVBRUKS-Havbruk - en næring i vekst