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HAVKYST-Havet og kysten

Economic Effects of marine fishing tourism - the case of coastal regions in Norway

Awarded: NOK 3.7 mill.

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2008 - 2010

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The Norwegian fisheries authorities have stated that the lack of research-based knowledge on marine fishing tourism overall makes it difficult to decide on future management measures to secure a sustainable management and an economically viable distributi on of coastal fish resources between marine stakeholders. This proposed project aims at contributing with knowledge on the economic dimensions of marine fishing tourism. Most economic impact analysis of fishing tourism is performed on a national level. Ho wever, as marine fishing tourism in Norway to a large degree is based on stationary or sedentary coastal fish resources, it is important that economic value of the activity is calculated on regional and local levels of the economy. In the proposed project regional data will be collected in two different surveys; one company survey for recording visiting days and direct expenditure in fishing tourism companies, and one tourist survey for collecting data on expenditure patterns, allocated into ten different groups of goods and services. The input-data from these surveys will be applied in a regional economic impact model, the Panda model, to analyze the total economic impacts of fishing tourism. Panda is an input-output model including 30 economic sectors. Expenditure pattern data and visiting day data from the surveys will be applied as input demand data in the Panda model. Incorporating the expenditure patterns data with the existing coefficients for intra-regional goods supply in the Panda model, it will be possible to estimate multiplicative effects from fishing tourists spending on both a national and a regional level. One of the major advantages of this project is that the output will be based on a bottom-up method because the study is based on indivi dual data.

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HAVKYST-Havet og kysten