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SAMF-Fagkomiteen for samfunnsvitenskap

Democracy, social inequality and learning in transition

Awarded: NOK 44,999

The theme of this prosject is to contribute to the research on political socialization in the fields: - educational and social inequality and political socialization research. - the transitional learning perspectives on political socialization rese arch. - further develop the resesearch on major topics on political socialization within the framwork of IPSA Research comittee 21. To achieve this we will arrange a joint conterence between IPSA Research comittee 21, Research group "Transaction" Facult y of Education University of Oslo, and Institute of Political science research, University of Oslo. The conference will bring together educational as well as poltitical scientists. It is to offer different scientific perspectives on personal and politic al process of socialization for participation and citizenship. A major aim of the conference is also to promote research and build netvorks between Norway and other countries on political socialization. in both educational as well as political scientif ic fields.

Funding scheme:

SAMF-Fagkomiteen for samfunnsvitenskap

Thematic Areas and Topics

No thematic area or topic related to the project