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SIPOPETR-SIP-OED Petroleumssektoren

Flexible Earth Model Management

Awarded: NOK 6.0 mill.

The Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) is facing considerable challenges with regards to cost, reserves, recovery and environment. IRIS in collaboration with UiS aims to take a leading position within drilling and well technology to meet some of these chal lenges. Many applications for integrated operations, drilling and well operations and field developments within the oil industry require data from hydrocarbon bearing formations that reflect current knowledge at all times. The recently developed wired pi pe technology is expected to increase telemetry rates drastically, thus offering a continuous stream of subsurface information which must be efficiently managed. Real-time handling of reservoir information could potentially be accomplished by utilising an d integrating all available data and developing processes and models that can be maintained and dynamically modified/updated, to accommodate new information, throughout the life of an asset. The project's goal is to develop methods for effective and dyna mic earth model management applying multi-resolution techniques. The proposed technology forms a basis for a long range of applications that require fast access to data from an always up-to-date earth model. The proposed methodology will - Allow fast and continuous updates of earth model data even for real-time applications that continuously receive streams of data. - Enable efficient work processes as applications that require earth model data can work independently of each other. - Enable more accurate and efficient handling of very large sets of data. - Allow access to earth model data at any scale. - Provide means for efficient transmission of large earth model data sets over computer networks, which is a strong requirement for applications utilised w ithin integrated operations. The development and implementation of this dynamic methodology will pave the way for more informed, better designed and effective reservoir development plans and management.

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SIPOPETR-SIP-OED Petroleumssektoren