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SIPOPETR-SIP-OED Petroleumssektoren

Top seal integrity and leakage, with relevance for exploration risk in the Barents Sea

Awarded: NOK 10.8 mill.

For a number of years SINTEF Petroleum Research has been active in increasing the geologic understanding and improving exploration technology related to Arctic regions. Focus area for this research has been the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea. The goal of this research has been to increase the exploration success rate, reduce the potential environmental impact and to reduce finding costs in the area. A major risk factor for exploration in the Barents Sea is leakage of hydrocarbons from traps due to th e recent uplift and erosion. In the proposed project we will increase our understanding of the geological conditions and develop predictive methods of sealing and leakage, with the goal of increasing exploration success factors. Important topics for res earch are properties of the top seal, the recent burial and uplift history, and hydrocarbon leakage processes. Better understanding of the geologic processes, leading to improved target definitions, is important for finding new reserves in the region and thereby improving the business potential of the area. Better geologic knowledge will also reduce drilling risk and cost, and will reduce the number of dry wells. This also has positive environmental impact in reducing unneccesary drilling activity as well as making drilling operations safer, which is important in an environmental sensitive area.

Funding scheme:

SIPOPETR-SIP-OED Petroleumssektoren