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IS-BILAT-Mobilitet Norge-USA /Canada

Wittgenstein's philosophical method and the philosophical reception of literature. Research stay at the University of Chicago.

Awarded: NOK 88,500

I have been awarded a research grant from the Fulbright scholar program to carry out research at the University of Chicago for the academic year of 2007/08. My appointment runs from August 1, 2007 till June 15, 2008. I am applying to the Research Council of Norway for a Leiv Eiriksson mobility grant to support the last part of my stay; January 1 throughout June 15, 2008 (5 ½ month). During the grant period I will complete two papers. The first paper has the title "Skepticism and Carver's literary minimali sm". It will be presented at the conference Cavell and Literary Criticism that is going to take place in Edinburgh 9-11 May 2008. A proposal for the paper has already been accepted. The aim of this paper is to address Cavell's view on the relationship bet ween philosophy and literature. The organizers plan to publish a number of the contributions in a special volume after the conference (Harvard University Press). The second paper is called "Making Sense Slowly: Wittgenstein and Shklovsky". In this paper I will discuss Wittgenstein's distinct style and how some of his stylistic devices can be fruitfully discussed with an eye to his philosophical methods. I will relate Wittgenstein's style of philosophy the concept of defamiliarization that we find in Vikt or Shklovsky's seminal article "Art as Technique" from 1917. Since 2003, I have been on the board of the Wittgenstein Research Group at the University of Bergen. Our research activities have an international profile, and during my stay in Chicago I will strengthen the international network of the research group. I am also on the board of the Nordic Wittgenstein Network (Nordforsk 2007-09). It should be mentioned that Professor James Conant (Chicago) has visited the Philosophy department at Bergen severa l times. My research stay is therefore an aspect of an ongoing process of international collaboration.

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IS-BILAT-Mobilitet Norge-USA /Canada

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