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VAM-Velferd, arbeid og migrasjon

The Impact of Everyday Mobility for Elderly People's Welfare and Well-being

Awarded: NOK 8.0 mill.

Previous research has shown that mobility and the ability to leave the home are among the essential aspects of the quality of life of elderly people. Despite a general consensus that there is a relationship between mobility and well-being of older people, the research evidence is scattered and scarce. The increased ageing of the population will be important also related to daily mobility and the transport system. Most of the Norwegian population over 65 years will have a driving licence in 2030. Improved health conditions among many elderly and increased access to cars make a basis for more varied activities and extended travelling than previous elderly groups. However, a large proportion of the new generation of elderly will belong to those 80 years of a ge and older, who today has problems related to travelling. A majority of them will be women. This proposal responds to a deficiency of empirically based research on mobility and the impact on elderly people's well-being and welfare. We will (i) examine the development of daily travel and mobility in different groups of elderly people, ( ii )study the relation between mobility and well-being/welfare for elderly people in different contexts and ( iii ) examine and evaluate measures to improve the independ ency of mobility and transport among elderly persons. The project has a comparative perspective and the geographical context is Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which will enable studies of both similarities and to detect differences that will have policy inte rest. The project will use available survey data and carry out focus group studies in the three countries, do a nationwide survey in Norway, and evaluation studies in Norway and Sweden. The projects will be organized in seven Work Packages. A Ph.D student will be part of the project. Results will be published as articles in refereed journals, research reports and a synthesis report, together with presentations in popular publications, at seminars and conferences.


VAM-Velferd, arbeid og migrasjon