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HELSEVEL-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester

Senter for omsorgsforskning i region nord, UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Awarded: NOK 25.2 mill.

Centre for Care Research North (CCR North) is an interdisciplinary regional research center focusing on research and development in collaboration with care recipients and employees in municipal healthcare services. CCR North is integrated in the Department of Health and Care Sciences (IHO) at UiT The arctic university of Norway. This year, the workforce at the Centre is strengthened and consist of eleven employees (including two post doctors). In addition, one post doctor is employed from 2022. In the period, the Centre received funding from IHO, which gives opportunities to increase the workforce of researchers, stability and possibilities for strategic long-term planning. The research is organized in the Research Group Centre for Care Research North (RG CCRN). The research group has 24 members, of whom seven are PhD candidates (three new PhD positions in this period). The priority areas for research are community healthcare services in an arctic perspective and rehabilitation, care pathways and coordination of services for persons with complex needs, as well as user participation and service development. The integration of the Centre in IHO and the RG CCRN increases the activity, provides flexibility, and contributes to beneficial synergies between research, dissemination, education, and other activities. The members of the RG CCRN are involved in education at PhD-, master- and bachelor programs at IHO. In the project period, we are included in 22 research projects, in which we either manage or participate as research partners. Results from the projects are disseminated as scientific and/or popular scientific publications, as well as at conferences and seminars. We participate as partners in development projects connected to Centers for Development of Institutional and Home Care Services (USHT) and municipalities in the region. Examples of projects are: ReHabLos, a study aimed to develop an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and digital supported rehabilitation model after acquired brain injury. Funded by Helse Nord, Fysiofondet and IHO/UiT. In 2021, two PhD candidates and one master student are employed. In addition, one PhD position is announced. Older persons with frequent, unplanned hospital admissions, what primary health and care services do they receive? Funded by Helse Nord and IHO/UiT. From 2021, the project includes one PhD candidate. These projects are systematically developed. Internal funding of PhD candidates has made this possible. We will apply for funding to further development of the projects. Sociocultural and structural factors determining health, illness and survival in Finnmark. Work package in the project Healthy Choices and the Social Gradient. Funded by NFR. Implementation of the health community model (ImpHel). A pilot study was initiated in 2021 (funded by IHO/SOF). We will apply for funding to additional work-packages. The project has potential as a common priority area across the CCR network. Prevention of functional impairment among older adults. Managed by USHT Troms Geriatric psychiatry. A collaborative project between USHT and municipalities in Finnmark and relevant communities. During the period, CCR North is partner in two assignment projects which include all five CCR; Experiences with COVID-19 in Norwegian nursing homes (Corona commission) and Missed Care and competence needs in nursing homes (Norwegian Directorate of Health). This year, CCR north and the research group manage or participate as research partners in applications to Erasmus+ Cooperation Project 2021, RCN, DAM foundation and Northern Norway Regional Health Authorities. We collaborate with several international and national research communities. In 2021, we have established contact with research groups at University of Saskatchewan (Canada), University of Jyväskylä (Finland) og Griffith University (Australia), and we are planning for collaboration and research stays abroad. The employees at CCR north participate in the strategical work to strengthen CCR as a national network, e.g. we participate in the strategical management team and in the strategical work aiming to develop Omsorgsbiblioteket (OB) and the USHT function. We have editorial responsibility for several topics in OB. A revision of the knowledge summary Health and care services for the Sami population is in a final phase. A knowledge summary regarding queer older adults and healthcare services is initiated. We are also represented in the administrative and the editorial board of Tidskrift for omsorgsforskning. We participate in the national support network for the quality reform for older persons A full life - all your life. CCR north is responsible for the priority area Activity and fellowship and we participate in Government, management, quality and innovation. We also participate in the regional support networks in Norland, Troms and Finnmark. In 2021, we have developed a supervision program relevant for the networks.

Høgskolen i Tromsø har en bred helsefaglig profil, er en del av et kompetent og regionalt nettverk innen omsorgsforskning og er strategisk plassert i regionen. Dette gjør Høgskolen i Tromsø særlig kompetent for å etablere et Senter for omsorgsforskning. V ed videreutvikling av avdeling for helsefags flerfaglige forskningsprofil vil fire tematiske områder i omsorgsforskningen stå sentralt: 1) samarbeid og samordning mellom nivå og tjenester, 2) omsorgstjenester i en flerkulturell kontekst, 3) aktiv omsorg o g rehabilitering og 4) utvikling av metodisk tilnærming i helsefaglig forskning. Gjennom aktiv nettverksbygging og samarbeid på tvers av yrkesgrupper og organisatoriske grenser skal vi bidra til videreutvikling av praksisfeltet som samarbeidsarena for for skere og fagutøvere. Forskningsresultater, kompetanseheving og nye metoder skal bidra til utvikling av kommunale helse- og omsorgstjenester, dette med særskilt fokus på demens og utfordringer knyttet til eldres helsetjenestebehov.

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HELSEVEL-Gode og effektive helse-, omsorgs- og velferdstjenester