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Bilateral research cooperation between Japan and Norway on Seafood Safety

Awarded: NOK 0.23 mill.

The proposed project aims to promote and strengthen research cooperation between Japan and Norway in the field Seafood Safety. Part one of the project is a workshop which aims to promote research cooperation between Japanese and Norwegian research insti tutions and universities within the field Seafood Safety. The meeting will bring together researchers to exchange expertise, and to identity and discuss common areas of interest. The workshop will be arranged by National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) in close collaboration with National Research Institute of Fisheries Science (NRIFS), Japan, and will be held in August 2008 in Bergen. The following topics will be addressed at the workshop: 1. Methods for verification of species, produ ct identity and traceability, 2. In vivo risk assessment after exposure to toxic substances and environmental contaminants, 3. Quality assessment methods, and 4. Shellfish poisoning. Undesirable substances, such as arsenic and mercury, are present in th e marine environment, and consequently are found in fish and other seafood, and feed ingredients of marine origin. Documentation of the occurrence of undesirable substances in fish feed, fish and other seafood is needed to ensure seafood safety. Knowledge of their transfer and toxicity from feed to fish and from fish and other seafood to consumers is also of paramount importance. part two of the project aims to establish research cooperation between NRIFS, NIFES and the Norwegian Seafood Federation in the field Seafood Safety. The plan is to submit a project proposal to the Research Council of Norway later this year (Main project, Bilateral industry-oriented research cooperation, KMB project, Nov. 2008). The project proposal and the project will be coordi nated by NIFES. Researchers from the involved institutions will meet on several occasions during 2008 to discuss and identify common areas of interest, and to discuss and plan the collaboration.

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