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KOSK-II-Katalyse og org.synt.kjemi II

Engineering of Pt nanoparticles in Propane Dehydrogenation

Awarded: NOK 2.4 mill.

Nanocrystals with well controlled size, shape and surface composition provides excellent opportunities not only in fundamental study of heterogeneous catalysis but also for improving existing catalysts or design new catalysts for chemical processes. Porpa ne dehydrogenation is a conventional chemical process to meet the increasing demand of olefins. Pt or Pt-Sn is the typical catalysts for the reaction. The present work will explore the progresses in nanotechnology to prepare Pt and Pt-Sn nanocrystals with well controlled size and shape to address the structure-property-performance relationship, which will be achieved by combined advanced characterizations and detailed catalytic tests in TEOM reactor. Selectivity to coke and methane will be minimized by ra tional catalyst design. In addition, interaction between Pt or Pt-Sn nanocrystals and new support namely SiC nanofibers will also be addressed to improve stability for industrial applications.

Funding scheme:

KOSK-II-Katalyse og org.synt.kjemi II