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FRINATEK-Fri mat.,naturv.,tek

Non-spherical particles in fluid turbulence

Awarded: NOK 5.5 mill.

Dilute suspensions of solid particles in turbulent gas or liquid flow offer problems of even greater complexity than mono-phase turbulence. Such particulate flows are of immense practical concern both in nature and technology, e.g. airborne solid particle s (aerosols), tiny carbon nanotubes, micro-organisms (e.g. phytoplankton) and sediment-laden flows. The vast majority of earlier investigations have focussed on spherical particles. Non-spherical particles are nevertheless equally important and their dyna mical behaviour is by far more complex. Only the translational motion of a spherical particle matters, while the rotational motion of a non-spherical particle is equally important. The present knowledge of the behaviour of non-spherical particles, be it e longated or flattened, is unfortunately meagre. The project?s overall aim is to explore by means of computer experiments and complementary laboratory experiments how non-spherical particles are dispersed in a turbulent shear flow and how the turbulence is modulated by the presence of non-spherical particles of ellipsoidal and cylindrical shape. To enable an in-depth exploration of a particle-laden turbulent flow, Eulerian direct numerical simulations in conjunction with two-by-two way coupled Lagrangian particle transport will be performed. These computer experiments will be accompanied by stereoscopic particle-image velocimetry in order to investigate how the elongated particles modulate the turbulent flow field.

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FRINATEK-Fri mat.,naturv.,tek