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FRIHUMSAM-Fri hum og sam

Local literacies and community spaces - Investigating transitions and transfers in the learning lives of Groruddalen

Awarded: NOK 7.6 mill.

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2009 - 2014


The overall objective of this project is to increase our knowledge and understanding about key issues of transition between different contexts and levels of learning. Developments within the knowledge society, especially due to technological innovation, h ave intensified interest in the relationship between different contexts of learning, between what is often termed formal and informal/nonformal learning. The primary aim is to study and theorise the transfer of learning between different contexts and comm unity spaces in order to depict the learning lives of young people living in Groruddalen. The original concept of learning lives is used to focus on the growth of pedagogic identities.Two dimensions of this transition are central to this project. The firs t focuses on the relationship between different sites of learning activities; the school, the home/youth clubs, and online communities. The second focuses on key stages of transition within the education system; from entering the school, through transitio ns between lower secondary and upper secondary schooling, and from school to working life or higher education. Together these two dimensions will offer new insights into how learners frame and are framed by their learning and how learners manipulate and a re invited to control these frames across different contexts; to help schools and other community-based spaces re-configure how they exclude and/or support learners to maximise their funds of knowledge. This study will offer education policy makers and th ose responsible for the development of schools a comprehensive way of better understanding the challenges faced by the Norwegian education system, and gain insight into different aspects of what it means to be a learner in our society today.

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FRIHUMSAM-Fri hum og sam