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PETROMAKS2-Stort program petroleum

Biota Guard Arctic - A Real time environmental effect monitoring system for offshore drilling and production operations in the Arctic

Awarded: NOK 7.2 mill.

In May 2006 Biota Guard AS initiated a Joint Industry project which main objective was to develop and demonstrate an industrial prototype of a real-time environmental effect monitoring system. The project was supported by the Petromaks program and by indu stry sponsors StatoilHydro and ENI Norge. An industry prototype was successfully tested at the Ekofisk field in April/May 2008, as part of the 2008 Water Column Monitoring program (coordinated by OLF). A description of the current system is included in At tachment xxx. Although the basic functions in the current Biota Guard system remain applicable also for Arctic waters, new knowledge, technology and methods will be required to provide the oil industry with a solution which meet future operational needs for environmental effect monitoring and risk assessment in the Arctic. The project comprises of three phases: Phase 1: Subsea innstallation concept study Phase 2: a) Development and testing of biosensor technology for Arctic conditions, based on Arc tic molluscs species b) Verification (or re-design) of Biota Guard system components and instrumentation to meet overall functional requirements for Arctic operations down to 500 meters waterdepth. c) Development of exisiting Biota Guard system to incl ude automated data processing and knowledge based software for real time analysis in an IO work environment. d) Design and development of IO-ready application software for early warning and risk assessment of operational events (leakages, spills, etc) Phase 3: Develop new biosensor species based on cardiac activity and new biosensor techniques based on animal movement and biologically mediated water flows for selected Valuable Ecological Component (VEC) species of Barents Sea. This work will include studies of the variability in sensitivity to possible exposures / disturbances caused by oil and gas exploration activities (oil, particles, seismic) among species that occupy different ecological niches in the Arctic seas.

Funding scheme:

PETROMAKS2-Stort program petroleum