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SAM-EU-Samfinansiering EU-kontoret

Transnational learning through Local Experimenting - The creation of Dynamic Compementarities between Economy and Society

Awarded: NOK 0.38 mill.

With globalisation advanced through mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing and work being contantly changed by technology and organisational practices, EU citizens frequently find themselves in unforeseen and unusual situations which call for their experim ental ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Two divergent models currently compete for the highest performance benchmarks: Anglo-American neo-liberal states and Nordic welfare states. The overall objective of Translearn is to develop a raod map for transnationa l leraning for how citizens in differnt socio-economic models can make experimental use of existing institutions, create new governance models and collaborative partnerships across sectors, levels and divisions of interests. A comparative assessment of th e BNordic countries and EU countries will finally be used to point our various possible road maps to growth and job creation. The project is designed to feed simultaneously into policy processes at several national and EU levels.

Funding scheme:

SAM-EU-Samfinansiering EU-kontoret