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SAM-EU-Samfinansiering EU-kontoret

Pepino mosaic virus: epidemiology, economic impact and pest risk analysis

Awarded: NOK 80,585

PEPEIRA is an RTD activity aimed at developing an EU-wide Pest Risk Assessment (PRA) for Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV). The proposal will investigate the epidemiology and economic impact of PepMV in order to allow a robust and scientifically-justified asses sment of the risk posed by this pathogen to the European tomato industry. This includes a true assessment of the economic impact on tomato crops growing in Member States with different climatic and market conditions and the role of seed transmission in th e spread of PepMV. The project will also address the increased risk posed by new, biologically and genetically distinct strains of PepMV that have appeared in Europe and elsewhere recently and have the potential to be far more damaging. The proposal will also address the issue of developing validated diagnostic protocols, to be published via EPPO that can be used with confidence by National Plant Protection Organisations (NPPOs) within the EU and laboratories in other countries that trade with the EU. In addition to a strong and focussed science program, the proposal also mobilises an impressive consortium, including all EU laboratories with a proven track record of PepMV research, with extensive plant virus and plant health expertise from all Member Stat es where PepMV poses a potential risk. Consultation with the principle stakeholders (Plant Health Standing Committee, DG SANCO, growers and seed companies etc.) throughout the life of the project is given paramount importance. Adoption of the new PRA will allow EU Plant Health services to develop, via Council Directive 2000/29/EC, a consensus on appropriate measures to prevent PepMV becoming significant detrimental to the EU tomato industry. This in turn will help to prevent any negative impacts on the su stainability of European horticulture and other negative economic and social effects associated with the further establishment of this disease

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SAM-EU-Samfinansiering EU-kontoret