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KULVER-Kulturell verdsetting

Muslim devotional practices, aesthetics and cultural formation in migrancy

Awarded: NOK 5.1 mill.

This project proposal focuses on aesthetics and Muslim devotional practices and processes of cultural formation in migrancy. Its point of departure is a broad definition of aestheticization that includes narrative patterns, chronologies and taxonomies whi ch emphasize the relation between sensory and verbal approaches. Central to the five sub-projects' research is the capacity of devotional practices to dramatise themes and events of the Muslim migrant experience. The participants in the project will discu ss Palestinian Sunnis in Norway, Sufis in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Pakistani Sufis in the UK, and Sufi migration between the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The project also includes a post-doc study to document and discuss the aesthetics of devotional practic es among Shia Muslims in Norway linked to transnational discourses on Muslim identity and cultural values.


KULVER-Kulturell verdsetting