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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

The Norwegian Cerebrovascular Research Infrastructure (NCRI)

Awarded: NOK 1.4 mill.

Each year, there are approximately 16,000 strokes in Norway and 1 million strokes in the European Union. The total incidence of stroke is projected to increase by 50% the next 20 years because of the rapid increase in the elderly population, and it is pre dicted that stroke will account for 6.2% of the total burden of illness in 2020.The prevention of cerebrovascular disease and the development of new therapeutic options in this disorder is therefore a major goal in clinical medicine. The primary aim of t his project is to establish a Norwegian research infrastructure in the field of cerebrovascular research( NCRI) where the first goal is to register data which will enable the identification of new markers of plaque instability in patients with atheroscler otic carotid stenosis (NUCAPS). These markers may hopefully be used to predict the efficiency of therapeutic interventions and may lead to new treatment modalities for this disorder. The project will establish a research infrastructure with a robust meth od for registering and storing patient data without the use of national identity numbers and with mechanisms to handle these conversions electronically with a high level of security. The first goal will be the registration of data regarding patients with symptomatic (unstable) and asymptomatic carotid artery plaques (NUCAPS). It will include clinical details, diffusion-weighted cerebral MRI findings,carotid ultrasound findings, CT angiography and where available imaging of macrophage activity (carotid 3Te sla MRI of ultra small super paramagnetic particles of iron oxide) and imaging of metabolic activity (carotid 18F fluorodeoxyglucose positron-emission tomography). The research infrastructure will have the potential to address other important research pr oblems in the field of cerebrovascular disease.It will also be extended into a European research infrastructure in the field of cerebrovascular (ECRI)

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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

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