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AVIT - updgrading and development of the NTNU membrane laboratory for enviornmental applications

Awarded: NOK 4.9 mill.

Membrane research is a strategic research area at the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, NTNU. The membrane research portfolio is increasing. This application aims at strengthening and developing the research infrastructure and compete nce at the department which will enable a more grounded contribution to membrane research both nationally and internationally. The water treatment research group manage both an analytical laboratory for water quality measurements and research halls for p ilot plant studies for both drinking water and wastewater treatment. The proposal concerns upgrading the laboratorys analytical capacities and capabilities with regard to assessing and evaluating membrane processes for advanced water treatment. The curren t need is to upgrade and expand analytical equipment necessary for more advanced and detailed analysis of membrane fouling and fouling mechanisms. This includes in particular new techniques for microscopy and analysis of membrane surfaces and to be able t o do membrane autopsies. Major foulants have been identified as dissolved organic substances (NOM and anthropogenic sources), colloidal material, biofilms and microbial products (EPS/SMP etc.), where detailed analysis of these compounds is necessary. Ther e is a need for upgraded bench-scale pilot plants and test equipment on which to conduct the studies.

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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

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