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BIGCCS Laboratory

Awarded: NOK 11.0 mill.

This application for scientific equipment relates to the FME Project BIGCCS Research Center, and encompasses the following equipment categories: 1) Equipment for development of high temperature membranes. This includes a planetary mill for preparing thin membranes with high heat flux, a test rig for evaluation of high temperature membranes, and HSE improvements for a ceramic extrusion laboratory. The objective is to develop new, asymmetric membranes with high flux, high stability and finding new strategi es for up-scaling processes. 2) High pressure combustion platform for studies of hydrogen combustion. This facility consists of a combustion cell with spectroscopic grade optical access and controlled pressure. The unique feature is that it is designed to cope with combustion studies relevant to emerging CO2 capture technologies with new fuels, oxidants and gas streams. The objective is to control and improve the laws of combustion science and validate the models. 3) Equilibrium cell system for studies of thermodynamic properties. With this equipment it will be possible to measure thermodynamic equilibrium of CO2 with impurities in the temperature range -60 to 70C, and with pressures up to 200 bar. The facility consists of an equilibrium cell with win dows for optical observation or use of laser for phase change detection. It also contains a micro-valve for sampling of vapour phase without altering the pressure. 4) Gamma attenuation equipment for accurate saturation measurements. The objective with th is test rig is to acquire accurate saturation profiles along core samples during reservoir-conditions core-flooding experiments. It will be possible to determine fluid flow properties of cap-rock and reservoir materials for shallow saline aquifers that ar e candidates for CO2 storage, and it will be of major importance in predicting the safety of CO2 storage. The total cost of the investment package is NOK 11 million.

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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

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