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Randers-Riste Center

Awarded: NOK 2.0 mill.

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2009 - 2010


Project summary The Randers-Riste Center (RRC) concerns the establishment of a neutron science and knowledge exchange centre at Kjeller in connection to the JEEP II research reactor. This could enable Norway to be in the forefront of research areas of the highest strategic priority: energy, environment and health, with advanced materials science underpinning these priorities. This is based on the fact the research reactor JEEP II is presently one of the largest experimental facilities in Norway and unique in the sense that it is the only Nordic neutron facility. RRC has been proposed and outlined in two earlier reports; from the Research Council and NIFU STEP. The realization of this center can be based on the technical experience, skills and training thr oughout two generations of Norwegian scientists and engineers in the field. The esteemed traditions here are reflected in the proposed name for the centre: Gunnar Randers, the instigator of the realization of JEEP in 1951 as the 6th country in the world w ith a nuclear reactor and the first country outside the big powers; and Tormod Riste who was a pioneer in the development of experimental techniques as well as fundamental discoveries using neutrons. It has recently been decided that the European Spallati on Source (ESS) will be located in Lund in Sweden. It will be denoted the European Spallation Source Scandinavia (ESSS). ESSS will be the world-leading research facility using neutrons for materials research and life science. RRC could become a key Scandi navian node to ESSS and part of an "in-kind" contribution from Norway in connection with a membership. It is therefore of outmost importance to have the RRC set up so that it becomes a key Scandinavian adjunct to the ESS in Lund.

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