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U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018

Higher Education and Professional Learning: the Effects of European Integration

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

The pre project will produce a state of the art review supporting the cooperation of two research units, i.e. the Institute for Educational research (UiO), and Arena, centre for European Studies (UiO). iSecond, most of the senior staff research capacity involved is for the coming year invested in the externally funded projects mentioned above. A considerable part of this capacity will become available again in 2011. One of the main intentions of the pre project is to prepare a proposal for a large resear ch project in the Utdanning 2020 programme, as well as to prepare international applications, amongst other things, under the EU's 7FP priority areas 'Science in Society' and 'Socio-economic sciences and the humanities' (SSH). Third, the pre project will be used to form a larger consortium with the two mentioned UiO research units as the core. This larger consortium will include additional Norwegian research units and individual researchers, as well as international partners, and will be involved in the a pplication for (and implementation of) the Utdanning 2020 and FP7 research projects.

Funding scheme:

U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018

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