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MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2

Numerical simulation of complex systems involving interaction between elements with large and varying stiffness properties

Awarded: NOK 13.1 mill.

The main idea of the project is to develop simulation models to study complex marine systems and operations, involving dynamic interaction between components having different properties and characteristics. Examples of relevant systems are large flexible fish farm structures, vessels towing an oil boom or fishing vessels in operation with gear. Models for analyzing these integrated marine systems are either inadequate or non-existing and there is a need for more knowledge on the behaviour of these systems in a representative marine environment. The project will include development of new mathematical models, which involves fundamental research on some defined problems. New models will be combined and integrated into the existing simulation software FhSim, developed at SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture over a number of years and in present use by Norwegian induustry. The project will be divided into five work packages: WP 1 Development of a realistic environmental description WP 2 Modelling large flexible structures in a realistic sea environment WP 3 Performance of oil booms in waves and current WP 4 Stability of fishing vessels in operation WP 5 Integration of models and development of demonstrators New fundamental knowledge developed through this proj ect and existing methods will be combined using FhSim to enable studies and analysis of complex integrated systems. Finally three demonstrators to analyse concrete cases and to show the potential of methods will be developed: - A model of moored fish far m systems in a non-uniform time-dependent spatial marine environment - A model of towing vessels operating an oil spill boom - A model of a fishing vessel in operation with gear

Funding scheme:

MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2