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U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018

Pre-project: Vocational education and training - challenges in the northern context

Awarded: NOK 0.25 mill.

The background for this pre-project is that the dropout rates in VET and in apprenticeship training are higher in the northernmost counties than in most other counties in Norway. The main question posed is therefore; Why do so many pupils in apprenticeshi p training in the north fail to complete their education? The goal of the pre-project is to facilitate the preparation of a main project through (1) producing a status of knowledge about research on apprenticeship training including dropout in the Nordi c countries and different measures against dropout from apprenticeship training and the effects of these measures, all with emphasis on regional components. (2) Establish a Nordic, multi-disciplinary group of researchers who can participate as active par tners in the main project, and (3) Involve practitioners and stakeholder in the field as part of the process of generating relevant research questions. For the main project 4 preliminary research topics are suggested: (1) The transition from school-based training to apprenticeship training, (2) Being an apprentice and dropping out, (3) The effects of completing or dropping out of apprenticeship training in the short and the long term, and (4) Effects of measures against dropout in VET and form apprentice ship training. The pre-project is a cooperation between Norut Tromsø, Norut Alta, Nordlandsforskning and the county councils in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

Funding scheme:

U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018

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