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U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018

STAYER: developing models for future vocational teaching and learning practices

Awarded: NOK 0.25 mill.

There is a growing recognition that there is a lack of up-close studies on teaching and learning in the field of vocational education and training. This is also true for research on vocational education/training and technology. The lack of detailed studie s is a major problem since trade branches require a technically skilled workforce and unmotivated students are generally motivated by the use of real life technologies. The STAYER pre-project will establish an arena where the school leadership and Oslo Municipality will meet with researchers and vocational representatives to develop future vocational teaching and learning practices. The pre-project activities will result in an empirical design for the main project. This design will include analyses of both the students learning processes and outcomes. Together the activities will result in future models for vocational education. The main project will examine the following core questions: - How do students in vocational courses and activities learn b y using social computing and representational tools (simulation and diagnostic tools)? - How can the vocational schools, workplaces and trade associations create more productive learning trajectories based on restructuring of the models for vocational act ivities? - How can new educational designs to bridge the gap between the students? everyday culture and the expert culture of the workplace? - How can the students increase their capacity to steer and regulate their learning activities - social, emotiona l and cognitive self-regulation?

Funding scheme:

U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018