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U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018

Transforming vocational education and training - a collaborative research proposal

Awarded: NOK 0.25 mill.

The prelimenary project aims at developing a complete research project integrating theme C (management, administration and organisation) in the call for proposals with issues from theme A and B (content and learning processes). The general idea is to look at the transformation processes of Norwegian VET through a comarative perspective, focusing on the interactions between 1) national and supra-national policies and governance 2) development of VET fields and 3) the enterprise as a place of learning. Our research question reopens the issue of the nature of the enterprise as a place of learning. It asks whether recent changes in steering and governance structures also imply changes in those characteristics which traditionally have been considered essential to the enterprise as a place of learning. We intend to develop a research design for national comparisons on all domains - policy, VET-fields and enterprises - and the interaction between these domains. Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be u sed. The possiblity of using existing data will be explored, both nationally and internationally. Close cooperation with international partners will be developed (on the basis of existing contacts). The main work in the preliminary project will be carried out in workshops, and in the preparation for these, developing the substantial, theoretical and methodological basis for the complete project.

Funding scheme:

U2020-Norsk utdanningsforskning 2009-2018