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FRIBIO-Biologi og biomedisin

Parasites and infectious diseases in a changing world - 4th Scandinavian-Baltic Congress for Parasitology

Awarded: NOK 99,999

The biennial research conference of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP) is to be held at the University of Oslo, Blindern campus, and Natural History Museum, Tøyen, between the 19th and 22nd June 2011, with Professor T.A. Bakke (Natura l History Museum, University of Oslo) as chair of the local organising committee. The meeting will encompass a range of topics in modern parasitology, within a theme of 'Parasites and infectious diseases in a changing world', and represents the principal research showcase for parasitologists from the Nordic countries. The SBSP is the primary learned society for parasitology professionals and research academics in the Nordic and Baltic region, and has a mission to increase the level and quality of parasi tological research in the Nordic region, to disseminate the findings of parasitology to a wider audience and to promote the discipline of parasitology among young biologists as well as the public. The conference will be a cross-disciplinary event encompa ssing topics such as wildlife disease ecology, parasite epidemiology, parasite immunology, diagnostics and control of parasitic disease of humans, domestic stock and wildlife. It will involve a mixture of invited speakers and submitted papers, within con ventional conference sessions, colloquia and workshops. The SBSP has a membership of several hundred, and we anticipate attendance of approximately 150 at the conference. An important aim of the conference is to increase the profile of parasitology with in Norway in particular, and to encourage the development of parasitological research and teaching here. Funding is sought from The Research Council of Norway (NRC) to defray the costs of inviting high class external speakers from the USA and to reduce the costs of registration particularly for research students from the Nordic and Baltic regions.

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FRIBIO-Biologi og biomedisin

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