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FRINATEK-Fri mat.,naturv.,tek

Analysis and geometry on non-holonomic manifolds with non-degenerate metrics

Awarded: NOK 6.1 mill.

Main objective of the project is the developing of geometry and analysis on non-holonomic manifolds with non-degenerate metrics in cooperation between the theoretical studies and applications in geometric numerical analysis and optimal control theory. The refore the project is presented from four groups working in these areas. Mostly groups are leaded by women. The main coordinator is I.Markina, prof. at Math.Dept. UiB, (geometry and analysis); the cooperators are A.Zanna Munthe-Kaas, prof. at the Math. De pt., UiB, (geometric numerical analysis and computational quantum physics); E.Celledoni, as. prof. at Math. Dept., NTNU, Trondheim(geometric numerical integration and numerical optimization on manifolds), and R Kozlov, as. prof. at the Dept. of Finance an d Management Sci, NHH, Bergen (symmetry applications to differential and discrete equations). The research team consists of 8 senior and approximately 15 juniors including Ph.D and post-doc fellows. The senior members are experts in various fields of anal ysis, geometry, and numerical methods. At the same time, the team has been working actively and effectively on the study of non-holonomic manifolds, which is confirmed by a bulk of publications (see the attached description). The team has more than 230 pu blished scientific papers, 3 books and a number of graduated master and Ph.D students. Iit is supposed close collaboration with 4 internationally recognized leading specialists in analysis, control theory and robotic systems. Project incorporates a recru itment of 2 Ph.D./post-doc fellowships, which will attract young researches and entails cooperation between senior and junior. High activity of the participants in the international networks will help to the dissemination of results, incorporation of juni ors into professional activities and reinforcement of national and international cooperation. Large women component of the project team will pursue better gender balance. The project is planned for 4 years.

Funding scheme:

FRINATEK-Fri mat.,naturv.,tek