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KLINISK-Klinisk forskning

Dentistry in a life span perspective - A clinical dental research network in Western Norway

Awarded: NOK 1.8 mill.


There is a need for clinical research in the dental health sector in Norway. This is clearly emphasized in St. meld. nr. 35 (Tilgjengelighet, kompetanse og sosial utjevning - Framtidas tannhelsetjenester). Presently, there is a growing mutual understandin g that the Centre of Clinical Dental Research (CCDR) at the Department of Clinical Dentistry, University of Bergen, should serve as the main arena for development of clinical research activities and research competence building, linking academic dentistry with activities in the Public Dental Health Care Service. Moreover, the CCDR should also represent a link to basic sciences in other fields, taking advantage of being organised within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and also in close relation with hospitals in Western Norway (Helse Vest). The methodological aspect of this application is based on the ongoing or imminent concerted research activities, involving researchers and clinicians in the dental health sector. The project presented in this app lication (How do factors at different life course stages influence oral health at older ages? - follow up of a prospective cohort study in Norway and Sweden) is intentionally included, as it represents a collaborative project involving the Public Dental H ealth service in Norway and Sweden, addresses a span of challenges with respect to epidemiological, clinical and dental health care service research and focuses the middle aged- and older population using a cohort perspective. Being based on a multidiscip linary and multi-methodological approach, this study forms the basis for creating research awareness, also in the dental health sector. Behind this application is an interdisciplinary group of researchers with experience from clinical, epidemiological and health care services research. This research consortium, and the fact that part of the total project costs are already covered through own finances, ensures fulfilment of the objectives within the timeline set.

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KLINISK-Klinisk forskning