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FMEINFRA-FME - utstyr/infrastruktur

ZEB. FME Forskningsinfrastruktur. Full Scale Test Cell Field Station Laboratory 2010

Awarded: NOK 6.0 mill.

The ZEB Research Centre is dependent on having laboratory facilities to carry out its R&D activities. All the five Work Packages will do analysis and testing of the materials, components, structures and solutions they develop in the laboratories, in-situ at a field station, and in pilot buildings. In addition, the functionality, usability and robustness of the developed concepts will be investigated and tested in a full scale test cell and in eight pilot buildings. Between the phases of material and compo nent R&D and of experimental buildings, outdoor test facilities will be used to test systems and whole building concepts under realistic climatic conditions. NTNU and SINTEF already have extensive research, development and testing facilities for materials , components, and larger building structures. In order to achieve the vision and goals of ZEB, five additional laboratories will be established. The equipment that is described in this project is what we consider to be of uttermost importance in the first years of operation of the ZEB Centre.

Funding scheme:

FMEINFRA-FME - utstyr/infrastruktur