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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Remote Access Infrastructure for Research Data (RAIRD)

Awarded: NOK 35.0 mill.

The proposed project from Statistics Norway (SSB) and the Norwegian Social Science Data Services AS (NSD) aims to develop a new method of access to administrative data and register data and a research infrastructure that will stimulate Norwegian and inter national research on these data sources. SSB and NSD have both as their obligations to deliver data to research. There is a close cooperation between NSD and SSB and NSD is involved in the delivery of official statistics data to researchers based on a c ontract with SSB. The cooperation between NSD and SSB has existed since the beginning of NSD. One visible result will be that researchers today have access to a wide range of micro data from statistical surveys from SSB. Administrative data and register data have not yet been fully integrated in the service package that NSD offers for delivery of official statistics data. Work is in progress to develop this part, and in these efforts NSD and SSB have identified specific needs for development of tools an d methods. The new method of access to will be based on a Remote Access or Safe Data Service solution, and will have the objective to optimise access for researchers with preconditions to reduce the probability for disclosure of micro data. The IT solut ion developed and the support services established within the new research infrastructure should aim to give the researchers a faster and free admission to data and a practical working situation that is close to a situation where the data set is used on own IT equipment. At the same time the IT solution should give in practice a protection against disclosure that may increase the content of the data set. The content of the data is important. This includes updating and access to metadata. The Remote Acc ess Infrastructure for Research Data (RAIRD) as proposed in this common application from SSB and NSD is as a general principle limited to micro data from official statistics sources.


FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Thematic Areas and Topics

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