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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

China: Sino-Norwegian network of excellence on applied research on CO2 capture techiques and concepts

Awarded: NOK 0.45 mill.

Two thematic workshops shall be organised; One in Hangzhou, China, in the outset, and one in Trondheim, Norway. The aim is to facilitate communication and breaking ideas. The latter workshop will be planned adjacent to an international conference on CCS - notably the TCCS-6 in Trondheim (by mid June 2011). If appropriate, these two workshops will be co-organised with a similar network project planned to address the dimensions of storage and societal issues (coordinated by SINTEF Petroleum Research, design ated "Sino-Norwegian network on applied research on CO2 storage"). The rationale therefore is the logical connection between capture and storage, and also the fact that both consortia will involve some common Chinese partners. Furthermore, under the stat ed objective - within a time frame of one calendar year and with the budgetary constraints hereunder - technologies and techniques for trapping CO2 from processes using fossil fuels as a feedstock shall be addressed and ranked pursuant to agreed criteria. Priority shall be given in terms of novelty and potentiality, notably with regards to actions to be further pursued in a subsequent setting, in order to bridge the gap for CCS to become a world-wide commodity. During the project period at least two nove l capture technology concepts will be specially addressed and the degree of cost containment identified using a first order approximation. Criteria for selecting concepts are: 1) efficiency penalty; At least two percentage points lower than that of conven tional CCS techniques using coal as feedstock 2) estimated cost of electricity (CoE); Less than 20% higher than the established market price in China with conventional PC-plants, whereof: a. capture rate being selected to cope with the clean energy level, as proposed by the European Parliament (as of 2010, i.e. <500 gCO2/kWh) b. efficiency penalty including compression at 110 bar c. infrastructure deployment to be excluded in the above CoE estimation.

Funding scheme:

CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering