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EVA-PEN-Evaluering av pensjonsreformen

It happened here. The Norwegian pension reform, process and content

Awarded: NOK 5.5 mill.


The project consists of two modules. In Module A "The reform process: Arenas, actors and arguments" we will study the reform process as it unfolded before, under and after the work of the Pension Commission. Based mainly on interviews with key actors and document analysis we will attempt to describe, explain and evaluate the policy making process from different analytical angles. We will seek to explain how it was possible - in the absense of accute reform pressures - to reach agreement on a structural pension reform. Our point of departure is a rational model of policy making but we intend to extend this to take account of interest mediation, policy learning and aganda setting. We will make extensive use of a comparative perspective with a particular f ocus on similar Swedish and Danish reform processes. Module B will evaluate the result of the reform process in terms of a comparative analysis focussing on two sets of output indicators. More precisely we will assess the relative success of the Norwegia n pension reform in terms of fiscal sustainability and the adequacy of future pension benefits. The issue of fiscal sustainability will be analysed by using the tools of generational accounting, and we are here able to draw on existing research in a Europ ean context. The issue of benefit adequacy will be dealt with by analysing existing European data on present and prospective replacement rates for different typical workers and careers.

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EVA-PEN-Evaluering av pensjonsreformen