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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

Internet of Things Value Creation Network

Awarded: NOK 1.4 mill.

The aim of the IoT Network is to: -Coordinate and help to increase and optimise the utilisation of results and value creation in the area of IoT -Extend further the European and international representation into the national generated IoT framework for de velopment and implementation by providing an analysis of the national vision and specific local issues that will invariably impact upon IoT adoption. -Provide each year the IoT Research and Development roadmap that provides an overview of the future resea rch-related and business-related challenges and opportunities for the IoT, and contribute to the European IoT Strategic Research Agenda -Create the liaison to the European Technology Platforms addressing IoT activities primary EPoSS, eMobility and ENIAC a nd ARTEMIS to cover innovation strategies for the development of enabling technologies (nano-electronics, embedded systems, communication technologies, software and cloud computing, etc.) required for IoT applications. -Identify research opportunities in IoT technology, applications and services, focusing on the Norwegian context. -Form a research and development community with cross disciplinary collaboration, including business, communication, nanoelectronics, microsystems, information systems, and sof tware, with a focus on challenges in IoT issues. -Spawn continuing cross disciplinary collaboration among projects addressing the IoT at national and international level. -Assist emerging ideas in the field of IoT to find support for research in IoT fro m the appropriate funding agencies at national and European level. This involves linking to international researchers, industrial funding, and global industrial players. -The main long term objective is to spawn a viable high end industry in Norway that b enefits from large and complex Future Internet and Internet of Things technology.

Funding scheme:

IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon