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E.On Ruhrgas programme - Spring 2011

Awarded: NOK 35,000

I recently finished my first semester of my Masters degree in Political Science at the University of Oslo. At the current time I am studying German in Berlin, and as the spring/summer semester starts in April, I am planning to attend courses in Political Science at the Potsdam University, particulary in the field Public Policy and Administration. Due to this, I am applying for the E.On Ruhrgas Scholarship for Politics Science, spring 2011. The main motivation for this application is that it will give me the opportunity to take courses at at a University which has specialized in my areas of interest, and on that basis, provide a better baseline to narrow my area of focus regarding the coming Master thesis the following autumn. I am also eager to learn Ge rman language, culture and history, as I belive it will be a strength for further academic- and career possibilities.

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