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ISPHUM-ISP - Humaniora

Philosophy, Neuroscience and Ethics - the Bergen Project Development Consortium

Awarded: NOK 2.4 mill.


The core of the project is a series of workshops that will identify and develop collaborative research projects between researchers in the Philosophy Department in Bergen, collaborating partners in other institutions in Bergen, collaborating partners in T romsø and Trondheim, and key international researchers. The identified projects will be based on existing research interests among the members, but will have a unified focus on the use of empirical research to inform and shape the philosophical analysis, and the use of philosophical analysis to inform and shape empirical research. This will allow extensive cross-fertilization across the individual research groups, and enable the research in Norway to be linked to one of the more exciting new developments in Philosophy internationally during the past few years. The project is comprised of two sub-groups, one in Political Philosophy and one in Philosophy of Mind. The Political Philosophy Group will collaborate with researchers in Trondheim and Tromsø, and the Philosophy of Mind group will collaborate with researchers in Trondheim. In both of these universities there are associated projects that will be linked to this project, thus creating further interrelationships between Norwegian groups and researchers . In addition, there will be a core group of international researchers who will attend the meetings, and be co-authors on papers developed during the project. The core groups in the three Departments of Philosophy will collaborate with other Departments i n Bergen and Trondheim: The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen, the two national centers for functional MRI in Bergen and Trondheim, the Center for International Health, University of Bergen, and the Christian Michelsen In stitute.

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ISPHUM-ISP - Humaniora

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