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Nanoparticle trapping with a nanostructured optical fibre Mobile researcher: Claude Tinguely, Austria

Awarded: NOK 0.16 mill.

The project will establish co-operation between the University of Tromsø and the Karl-Franzens University Graz. The development of a state-of-the-art optical trapping device for nanoparticles will strongly profit from the complementary expertise of the tw o groups. The visiting researcher grant will extend the already broad international character of this project. Mutual visits between the research groups in Tromsø and Graz are planned. New tools are necessary to manipulate objects on the nano-scale. It i s far from obvious to pick up a virus and study its interaction with a liver cell, even if you don't have big fingers. In this project, nanotechnology will be developed to pick up nanoparticles, with light from a tiny hole in a gold film doing the job of the fingers. The group in Tromsø will contribute on knowledge about optical trapping and facilities for the experimental work. The group in Graz will contribute with knowledge about the interaction of light and the gold film. The project will extend the k nowledge of a young researcher by working on a project where he can use and contribute with his acquired knowledge and skills, and also learn new techniques on optical trapping. The project is initially of a limited scope and timeframe, but it has potenti al for extension and for good scientific results.

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