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Monitoring of Marine Pollutants by Automated Remote System (POLAR) Mobile researcher: Marta Pokrzywnicka, Poland

Awarded: NOK 54,000

Main goal with the project is to promote the internationalization of Norwegian research by inviting an international younger researcher for a research stay in Norway through the Yggdrasil program. The visiting period is planned to last for 4 months (16 we eks), and the project will include 7 small sub activities distributed over 14 weeks with two weeks flexibility (totally 16 weeks). The research section at NTNU possesses state of the art analytical equipment and has a dedicated activity on research concer ning use of multi-element analytical techniques for trace element studies in the environment and sensor development for industrial surveillance and online monitoring of environmental toxicants and nutrients in natural water, coastal and marine water. Ma rta Pokrzywnicka will be included as an active researcher in the group of Professor Øyvind Mikkelsen. Main scietific research activity will focused on further development of automated electrochemical systems for monitoring environmental toxicant in coasta l water. Through the project Pokrzywnicka will extend both her scientific network and be able to use here scientific background and expertise into a somewhat new research field for her, by working with automated electrochemical systems. Since the actual r esearch group at Department of Chemistry has a special expertise in electroanalytical methods, Pokrzywnicka will greatly benefit from carry out the actual research activity at the host institution. The research group will benefit from the valuable scien tific background and expertise of Pokrzywnicka within miniaturization and and flow systems for chemical analyses. The research group has a continuous strategy of strengthen internationalization of the research activity, and in this project the group will benefit from establish a reach collaboration with a new partner with valuable skills.

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