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The study of dielectric properties of a dielectric with large dc conductivity. Mobile researcher: Evgeniy V. Andreev, Russia

Awarded: NOK 0.16 mill.

The proposed research is aimed at solving the really challenging and appealing problem of the modern. At present the study of dielectric properties of a dielectric with large dc conductivity can be regarded as one of the most intensively developed and sig nificant field of electronics, and electronic technology. The aim of the project is to reveal rules in an influence of large dc conductivity on relaxation polarization in dielectrics with varying degrees of heterogeneity and the elucidation of the physic al principles of obtaining the active materials based on these dielectrics to create elements of solid-state electronics. The study of the rules of the influence of dc conductivity on dielectric spectra of materials with various distributions of relaxator s and the identification of conditions for the occurrence of this phenomenon are necessary undoubtedly. It is also necessary to classify the dielectrics on the varying degrees of the influence of the dc conductivity on the processes of relaxation polariza tion. It would enable us to understand physical reasons for such a classification thoroughly, and such a study would promote a refinement of the reasons for the effect of dc conductivity on the dielectric spectra.

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