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Breakthrough gas turbine technology enabling an efficient and clean source of power for applications in the 1 MW range E! 7017

Awarded: NOK 71,313

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2012 - 2013

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It is widely accepted that fossil fuels will still be the dominant fuel for power generation in the coming decennia, both in Europe and throughout the rest of the world. In addition, power generation from renewable sources such as biomass, biogas and syng as is gaining importance in energy consumption. To convert different fuel sources to usable forms of energy, gas turbines claim an indispensable role. Gas turbines are generally used for the production of electricity and heat and for mechanical drive purp oses, to drive applications directly. The market for small scale power generation has not developed in the past decades like that of larger systems. The main reasons for this includes scaling effects (i.e. higher total costs with decreasing size) and leg itimate technical issues. Currently, most gas turbines begin to lose their supremacy in the 1-10 MW range. Below 3.5 MW reciprocating engines become the dominant market segment player. These engines, however, are polluting, large, heavy, require high-main tenance, and are limited to the use of fossil fuels. Based on innovative technology, the project partners plan to develop an innovative 1 MW turbine for these markets. The combination of the following factors makes this envisaged gas turbine unique: - Hi ghest efficiency in its class - Lowest NOx and CO emissions compared to other power sources - Capability of burning multiple fuels. - Ultra compact and light-weight design - Highly flexible in application possibilities - Possibility of Combined Heat and P ower (CHP) enables use of the produced heat, increasing overall efficiency significantly - Robust, reliable and low-maintenance alternative (few moving moving parts and easy access to parts in case of replacements) - Cost-effective product To reach this goal, breakthrough product and process technology must be developed by the consortium. The technological complex parts of the turbines require highly specialized and high-tech production technology.

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